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  • Organic + Natural


  • We source ingredients from local farms when possible.

  • To-go cups, containers, cutlery & straws are all COMPOSTABLE.


Breakfast Bagel $6.99

Gluten free bagel with avocado, tomato, mixed greens, organic egg, Antoinette’s Saltspring dip and organic cheddar or cashew cheese.


Bliss Bowl $11.99

Banana, mixed berries, Acai blend powder, beet, orange juice and coconut milk blended. Topped with fresh fruit, granola, bee pollen, hemp hearts, shredded coconut and cashew/date whip.


Oats and Chia Cup $6.99

Rolled oats and chai seeds soaked overnight. Served as a layered parfait with fresh fruit and cashew date whip cream.



12 oz. $7

16 oz. $9


The Go To - carrot, beet, apple & ginger


The Big G - cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, lime, parsley & apple


Pick Me Up - AKA Game Changer - grapefruit, orange, carrot, turmeric, ginger & lemon



16oz. $9


Green Warrior - kale, spinach, banana, ginger, spirulina, date, apple juice & filtered water

Berry Good Time - strawberry, blueberry, beet, orange juice, lime, camu camu, coconut milk & vanilla

Tropical Dream - mango, pineapple, ginger, turmeric, bee pollen, coconut milk & orange juice

Cacao Power - cacao powder, maca, banana, date, coconut butter, coconut or almond milk & almond butter



FLU SHOT - lemon, ginger, turmeric, garlic, apple cider vinegar, raw honey rim & cayenne $5



12 oz. $5

16 oz. $7


Chaga Chai - almond or coconut milk, chai spices, chaga, coconut oil, vanilla & date

Golden Mylk - almond or coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, chai spice, date & black pepper

Superfood Hot Chocolate - almond or coconut milk, cacao, lucama, maca, mesquite & vanilla


Kids Hot Chocolate with coconut whip - made with filtered water, coconut or almond milk $4 

Witch’s Brew - echinacea elderberry tea, lemon, ginger, turmeric, raw honey & cinnamon stick $4.75

Dandy Blend or Mushroom Coffee or $3 Dandelion Coffee or coffee/chaga/codyceps blend

Tea - black, herbal and medicinal varieties $3

Pour Over Coffee - brewed fresh with Oso Negro Coffee $3.50 / $4

Bulletproof Coffee - Oso Negro coffee, Kiwi Grass Fed Butter, Bulletproof XCT oil $6 / $7

Blended Matcha - organic matcha, vanilla, Bulletproof XCT oil, date & filtered water $5 / $7

Dandy Blender - Dandy Blend, filtered water, almond butter, maple syrup & vanilla $5 / $6


Daily Lunch Specials

Be sure to check out Stay Wild's daily special board for daily bowls, soups and salads.


Build your own grain bowl (served warm)


Add $0.75 / extra topping ; $1.00 per protein



All of our desserts are created in-house.


Seed Bar $4.99

Nut-free bar with superfoods to keep you going all day

Peanut Butter Cups $6.25

Vegan and Dairy Free. Guilt free? Try to eat just one.

Stay Wild Cheezecake $6.25

We create daily flavour creations that are delicious and dairy free.